YCombinator Startup School

Easy Clean Water (ECW) graduated from YCombinator Startup School, an 8-weeks online program, where entrepreneurial ideas and business models get together to show their interests, visions, and intents from all over the world. In this crash course, the YC methodology is taught with an increasing level of difficulty over the weeks goes by, and the startups that fulfill the requirements remain.

In YCombinator Startup School, we got feedbacks from Eric Migicovsky, founder of Pebble – The first smartwatch company – Kevin Doyle, and many other mentors on Launching MVPs, fundraising, KPIs, differences between hard-tech companies (such as ECW) and software’s, etc. You can see more of YCombinator Startup School clicking here.

We also had the opportunity to network on different meetings telling our “one-liner” – like the elevator speech- and our experiences with fellow Startup-Scholars. ECW got great reviews on our evaluations, one of them said: “You’ve got a HUGE challenge ahead, but I believe you’re one of the few teams that could top it. Take some swings on the sales side and go for the home run!”. If you want to know more about our core proposal click here.

This is the path to sustainability and to achieve Sustainable Development Goals, especially number 6.

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