Sustainable Clean Water Technology for the Developing World
Focusing on remote communities needs and user's empowerment


Our technology consumes approx 1/8 of the energy required for Reverse Osmosis. Useful when combined with Renewable Energies and batteries.


Without any type of modifications required, our technology can be used with sea-water, brackish, or polluted water alike.


The operation and maintenance consist mostly of cleaning and visual inspections.


Any person regardless of their backgrounds can operate the plant after minimal training.


We are a group of professional engineers and scientists gathered to improve the quality of life of the remote region's inhabitants of Latin America and the Caribbean, throughout a decentralized user-oriented clean water technology. Our experiences on-site, industrial consultancy, and academia combine more than 40 years in the different fields involved in the matter.

We are aiming to help solve the worldwide clean water-availability problem which affects 1/3 of the world's population, especially in isolated regions of the developing countries. The inhabitants don't have the resources, nor technical or economical to sustain and operate a costly, energy-intensive, and high maintenance conventional small-capacity plant. This is the reason why the SDG #6 "Universal access to clean water and sanitation" goal is very far away to be reached.

Our Potabilis clean water technology resolves many of the issues holding back the wide-spread of distributed drinkable plants across the world. We promote user's empowerment through low cost easy-to-operate drinkable water plants, giving the users the ability to get involved in local productive and economical activities to guarantee its long-term economical feasibility and sustainable operation.

In case you were wondering, we named our technology "Potabilis" as a way to honor our Roman ancestors. Potabilis comes from the Latin translation of "drinkable".

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Our focus markets

We focus on the sustainable livelihood model to bring drinkable water to hospitals, schools, places with deficient utility services, or prolonged drought. Suitable for Developing and Aid agencies and CSR programs. We can produce clean water for 13-500 people daily.
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Touristic Facilities

Our goal is to help sustainable tourism. We are capable of supplying reliable, clean water to a 20 – 60 room touristic facility. The days when your touristic facility had water shortages are over.

Farming Aid

We can help sustain farming in arid regions, as well as places with underground brackish water. With the lowest operation cost in the market, our farming-aid especially focused design can increase food supply and region's food safety.

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